September 7, 2012

Dear Romeo,

Dear, romeo
I have thought of many ways to come about this and even though it is to late i want you to know my answer is yes. that day you came to my house and asked me to leave with you and marry you i should have said yes then and there. but i didn’t. i asked you to give me time to think. my romeo now you are gone never to return ,never to breath, your caress is lost as your last kiss fades. my romeo i want you to know that the day you passed i was on my way to your house with one packed bag to tell you yes . i fear i will never get to tell you how i truly feel but at least it is heard. my romeo i want you to know i will always love you never to be with another never to look at another to dedicate my life to my future and to being with you.
p.s i’m pregnant and he shall have your name and know all about his glorious father

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