September 7, 2012

Dear Romeo,

What happened? We were becoming friends before you blocked me on facebook and started to try to act cool. What is it with you and being cool? Being cool doesn’t get you anywhere in life, I hope you know that. You lost me. You might not know this yet, but you will soon enough. Don’t look over at me during church. Don’t smile at me. I cant bear that. So don’t. I’m writing this because I get it all out. I know that you’ll probably never ever read this, but I had to write this. I’m sorry if I made you feel “uncool” in front of your friends, or if I embarrassed you in front of your friends. I’m sorry for whatever I did, that made you hate me, or whatever your feeling towards me. I’m just so confused right now. I really miss talking to you on facebook, btw. And I don’t even see you that much at church anymore.

Love, Juliet.

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