October 21, 2011

Dear Romeo,

I guess it’s too late now. To tell you how I really feel. I’m sorry I didn’t return your feelings when I had the chance. I’ve been hurt so many times, I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Even for the one I’ve admired from afar for so long. I just pushed you away because it was the only thing I knew how to do to keep my heart from breaking even more. But, even though I thought your love was simply infatuation I was blind to see it for what it really was. Everyone could see how much you loved me. How much you wanted us to be together. Everyone except me. I don’t know how I was blessed with you being able to love someone like me. I am unworthy of your love. But…. I still look back on all the time we spent together. I still remember your laugh, your voice, that wonderful smile that can always brighten my day. And everytime I look back on those times, I feel an emptiness in my chest. I can feel all the times I pushed you away come back and twist around my heart reminding me how you will never be mine. Punishing me for ruining our chance of being together. And now we’re 13 and miles and miles apart from each other,with one of us still holding on to the one-sided love of a boy who deserves better. But, like I said. It’s too late to tell you how much I love you. Tell you how I don’t care if people say we’re too young and don’t know what love really is. Because I know that the moment I saw you in 4th grade,you the new kid, that I loved you. And I never wanted anything to tear us apart.


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