April 10, 2011

Dear Romeo,

It has been so long since the last time I talked to you. You left me though. Stranded without so much as a goodbye. All I ever did was love you, and I thought you loved me back. You said it first so there should be no backing out of it, but you did. It might be because of the distance between us, but you said it didn’t matter! So why did you go?

I still remember the first day you told me you loved me. I was getting ready for cheerleading because there was a football game, then you finally texted me after four weeks and at the end you said I love you. It made my life so much better.

I cried and cried these past few months since we broke up. But when I see our moon, I think of you and how great our life could’ve been…

Your Juliet. <3

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