April 11, 2011

Dear Romeo,

What happened to us? We were so happy together. But you left me without a goodbye. There was no last “I love you” there was no break up line either. You just stopped talking to me. It might be the distance between us, it might be that you found someone else, maybe your phone’s busted, it could be a lot of things. But I’m still always going to love you.

We had so many plans for our future. We were going to live in a nice little apartment together in the city, we were going to be HAPPY for once.

Before you stopped talking to me, I was sleeping finally again. I was getting better around people, I started to enjoy the things around me. But I guess nothing lasts forever.

We had a good time last summer. The moon was always big and bright, even though it always rains here I could still see it. You were going to drive all the way here from Indiana to see me, as soon as you could. I was going to fly down there when I was 18. But I guess those plans are down the drain now.

I had so many things to tell you, things to show you and things to give you! But you had to stop talking to me! It just isn’t fair! I gave you all the love I had, and you didn’t even treat it well. You were what I cared about, but I guess I wasn’t what you wanted.

I still love you. So, so, so, much. Even if you may not, there is still our moon…


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