June 24, 2009

Dear Romeo,

i am filled with anger and hatred for the first time in 7 years. you gave me that same look i was given 7 years ago, a look that asked if i was crazy, if i’d gone out of my mind– i was, and i had. i lost every part of myself that i knew.

i have lost faith in every man because of you. you’ve shown me that being unfaithful comes in many forms and you tried to disguise it, tried to blame me, made me question my suspicions and doubt my instincts. i made myself love you because i didn’t have a reason not to, and i thought that being good to you would change everything. i thought changing myself would make things better.

you can continue lying to yourself, but karma is honest. wondering why things are falling apart for you now? i have an answer for you: because you deserve it. i may have broken a heart or two in my time, but i never lied.

my world is turning around because i am becoming myself again, and i will never lose that again. i am broken and scarred, but wiser and certainly better than you.

you are dead to me

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