June 18, 2009

About LTR

Everyone has something to say to their ‘Romeo.’  Whether he is your Prince Charming, Edward Cullen or Mr. Big.  Whether you hate him, love him or hate him because you just can’t stop loving him.  Whether he’s a hopeless romantic or an emotionally abusive prick you have something you’d like get off your chest and say to him.  Here’s your chance.  

The creator of this site is no stranger to being the jilted lover.  Quite simply most men suck.  Not all but most.  This site is a forum to share with your Romeo what’s on your mind.  

If you are with the perfect guy then let him know (although I hate and envy you intensely).  If you are with someone who just doesn’t get it, then unleash everything you are holding back and share your thoughts with the world.  

Keep it short.  Keep it relatively clean.  And most importantly keep it anonymous. 

So it’s time to write your ‘Letter to Romeo’ and let him know exactly how you feel!


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